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TGIF: What We're Drinking

TGIF: What We're Drinking

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Every Friday, we select a new beer, wine, or liquor to put through the tasting gauntlet. Here’s our latest pick.

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Today, we tasted Shiner Beers' seasonal offering: the FM 966 Farmhouse Ale. Named after the farm-to-market road that runs near the brewery, this light, springtime ale opens with slightly sweet malty flavors, crescendoing into a hint of bitterness and citrus in the middle.

This brew finishes light, which makes it perfect to pair with delicate ingredients, such as mild white fish. Its citrus flavors could also work nicely with a simple salad with a lemon vinaigrette.

Cool and refreshing, this ale is ideal to drink in hot weather but would also be a great, slightly more complex option for any light-beer lovers.