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How to press tofu, debating bagels, and other stories from cooking blogs you should be reading

What makes a great cooking blog? Smart and engaging content that focuses on a particular subject matter, accompanied most often by great photography and a useful set of tips. The Daily Meal is dedicated to sifting through the vast array of content gracing the food blogosphere in order to deliver a daily sampling of the stories worth reading and the blogs worth following.

• In honor of spring, and post-Easter eggs, a recipe for egg salad with jalapeños. [Homesick Texan]

• The art of the perfect bagel and the recipe for a peppercorn-potato variety. [Wild Yeast]

• How to press tofu the right way. [Veggie Belly]

• A refreshingly simple classic chocolate cake, no mixer required. [Noble Pig ]

• Take advantage of spring asparagus with this salad inspired by Milk Bar in Brooklyn. [Not Eating Out in NY]

The Daily Byte is a regular column dedicated to covering interesting food news and trends across the country. Click here for previous columns.

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